My favorite seasonings

I am one of those, if I start reading a recipe and it has more than like 7 or 8 ingredients, I stop reading and keep looking.

I guess you could say I am a lazy chef. I love getting creative and cooking different things, but if it gets to complicated I am like-NO! My husband keeps saying he is trying to “domesticate” me. He is getting closer…I actually iron now…but that’s as far as I am going!

The picture above is all of my favorite seasonings. I use these in pretty much everything! (obviously I don’t put taco seasoning in everything, but anything Mexican I am making it goes in)

I do love that pink salt, and from what I have read its supposed to be pretty good for you. I dont use alot of it, but since we dont each much processed anymore, I do find myself craving a little more salt.

I feel like to make almost anything taste good, you just need a little salt, garlic and pepper. Dont let that spice rack behind it fool you, its mostly for decoration! I use a few of them sometimes, but these are my main seasoning staples that I wanted to share with yall!

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