Veggie stuffed noodles…

These were easy to make and really good!

I boiled the noodles (organic of course) until al dente.

Then I cut up and sauteed some veggies I had on had with a little avocado oil, Italian seasoning and pink salt.

I used:

Yellow Squash




After the noodles cooled a little, I mixed some ricotta cheese, garlic, Italian seasoning and a little bit of Parmesan up, then put it in a ziplock bag and cut a whole in the corner to squirt it in the noodles. Then I scooped some veggies in each one so they were stuffed!

I got my Saladmaster skillet, put some pasta sauce in the bottom, then added the stuffed noodles and put a little more sauce on top. Cooked at 250 for about 15 minutes and dinner was done!

Easy and good! The kids tore it up!



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