Eggs? Yes or no…

So when we started this plant based lifestyle, I had cut out all meat. I wasn’t eating anything dairy or meat related. At first, like the first couple of weeks I felt great, more energy, slept better and not to mention I was losing weight. So of course I was like “OMG I love this!”

After a couple of weeks though I was exhausted. I felt like I was in my second trimester of pregnancy again I wasn’t sure why. Then I started doing a little more research and thought I might have an iron or B12 deficiency. I realize I should probably go to the doctor and get bloodwork done to confirm this, but who has time for that…I was just going to try and listen to my body.

I started adding eggs (free range, organic, brown eggs of course) back into my diet 4 or 5 mornings a week. After that I felt normal again. So that must have been what it was.

So if you start a plant based lifestyle, listen to your body. I love eating and living this way. Now all I need is 10 acres on a farm to start growing my own food!

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