Enchilada Lasagna? Or whatever you call this…

Another one of my make-ahead veggie dishes. I LOVE my Saladmaster electric skillet. It doubles as an oven, and makes cooking dinner sooo easy.

This also has very little cheese and just on top, with cilantro and green onions.

So for this dinner, I sauteed:

Black beans



Peppers (I used orange but whatever you have on hand is good)

Mild roasted chili peppers

Mushrooms (you can put mushrooms in almost anything I have found)

In avocado oil with some taco seasoning.

Then I layered corn tortillas, spinach (another way to sneak veggies in), red enchilada sauce, and my veggie mixture, ending with tortillas on top, then add cheese then cooked on about 350 until it clicks (get a set and you will know what I am talking about) and then lower to 190 for about 20 minutes. So good and super easy!20170302_193248

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