BBQ baked potatoes…It’s whats for dinner!

Tonight we had BBQ baked potatoes and it was actually pretty good. I surprise myself pretty often. My husband recently told me he used to actually not look forward to my cooking dinner, and now that I think about it, he used to want to go out to eat alot…hmm

I think part of what has made my cooking better is now I actually kind of enjoy it. Before it was more of a chore. I think maybe I was born a vegetarian at heart and just didn’t know it. I have always enjoyed eating healthy, but now I actually enjoy making meals for my family, and they don’t suck, so that is a bonus!

I have always been pretty good at making condiments, which is good because they helped cover up the fact that I couldn’t cook.

So for this meal I made my bbq sauce and washed and baked organic potatoes. For the “bbq” I used chick peas (I cooked them myself, try not to used canned), roasted pecans, and quinoa. Blend that all up in my ninja, then put into my Saladmaster skillet and toss with bbq sauce. Then shredded some organic white cheddar cheese to put on top and there is dinner!

Wasnt bad, my 5 year old actually ate it and the hubby was surprised, yet again, that I made something not terrible! Dinner was a winner tonight!

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