The best cookware EVER!

On this health journey that my family and I have been on, I met this amazing lady, my friend Danita, who is a Saladmaster cookware guru. Danita learned alot about the company, their mission, and the cookware itself, and became a Saladmaster representative. Her mission is to educate others on their food and nutrition and you can see her passion for it when you meet her. Not to mention, the cookware and accessories are really cool!

She came and did a dinner at my house. Talk about the royal treatment. She brought the food, cooked a 5 course meal, and cleaned up. Heaven.

During her presentation, she opened my eyes to the toxins in the cookware we were using, and also how I was cooking the nutrients right out of our food. So basically eating broccoli was pointless then.

She demonstrated a toxicity test, and I was sold! I couldn’t believe that I had basically been poisoning my family, when I thought I was feeding them well. I feel like you cant put a price on health, so we bought this set of cookware, and now I am a life long saladmaster advocate. But with the warranty it comes with, I only have to buy this one set. It has a 3 generation warranty, and is totally safe! It also cooks your food faster and everything tastes better!

My husband, who is an accountant, was sold not only on the health benefits, but when I mentioned we are “building generational wealth”! ­čÖé

I recommend this cookware to EVERYONE! If you do some research on the dishes they are selling at retailers, you will learn that it is actually not safe to cook with.

My friend Danita has all the info, just email me and I will send it to you. Worth every penny!

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