Plant-based diet?

I told a friend of mine that I started a plant-based lifestyle. (I am working on calling it a lifestyle instead of a diet, diets have been short term for me). Her response made me laugh, it was “I heard vegetarians on average live 8 years long, but that’s 8 years without bacon!”

Plant-based, vegetarian, vegan and all those other names to me have 1 thing in common and that is just an effort to be healthy. We are not saying that we will NEVER eat meat again. There are few foods that compare to a perfectly seared, Prime cut, bone-in rib eye steak, which I did just eat for my birthday. (I had you rethinking this plant thing with that last sentence didn’t I?)

It is really just about making our lifestyle a healthy one in all aspects and eating naturally grown foods as much as possible. The cool thing I have figured out is that you actually get to eat more!

It has been an adventure so far coming up with different dishes to feed my family, and being creative. I will share those, and our other healthy lifestyle adjustments with you as I go!

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