Carb Shmarb!

Ok, so they say carbs are terrible for you. High protein-low carb. I have heard it my whole life as I am sure you have too. After personal experience I am not sure that I agree.

So when we started this plant-based lifestyle, I didnt cut out carbs. I just started eating better, and cut WAY back on meat. I LOVE bread. Give me a basket of warm rolls and some butter any day and I am happy. Now I know that is not good for you, but we did not cut carbs out of our diets. I just make sure that when we do eat them, they are in the best form.

I base my opinion of carbs not being bad for you on the fact that when I cut out meat, within a month I lost 18 lbs, and this is when I am slacking on my gym game. So I would go to the gym once or twice a week, and I still lost 18lbs, all while eating carbs!

When I say carbs, I mean:

Organic, whole grain seed bread

Quinoa and brown rice

Organic whole wheat tortillas

Whole wheat naan and pita bread

Organic flax seed tortilla chips

Organic whole wheat pasta

Lots of fruit (if you consider this a carb)

So we dont shun carbs, we still eat them, and I dont count calories or anything. We have learned to just listen to our bodies. If we are hungry, we eat something healthy and balanced. If I make a pasta or wrap, it is FULL of veggies and beans. So I get to be healthy, feel good and eat carbs!!

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