One of our faves

Believe it or not, we still eat pizza, tacos, burgers, fries, chips and salsa and all that good stuff.  You would think when you switch to a vegetarian lifestyle that you cut out all that stuff, but really you don’t have to. I just got creative with how I made those things.

The picture above is one of our all time favorites, burgers and fries!

For the burgers:

I buy buns that are minimally if at all processed, made with organic ingredients. (someday maybe I will actually try and make my own)

The patties consist of a mixture of these ingredients, which means whatever I have on hand:

Black beans (cooked) and mushrooms always

Pepper (whatever color I have, I have used them all and it still tastes good!)

Onion (again whatever color I have on hand)

Egg (just 1)

Panko crumbs

Coconut flour

Seasonings, such as pink salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, garlic…etc

Then I put it all in my ninja and blend it up. Now the proportions you will have to play with. I use more mushrooms than beans, and sometimes I have to add some extra flour to make it stick together better. I cook the patties in my saladmater skillet (I will do a post on how awesome saladmaster cookware is!) on 350 covered until they are a little brown then flip it. Then assemble your burger how you want! I add some extra veggies by using spinach instead of lettuce, then I will add avocado, banana peppers, tomatoes, whatever you like!


For the fries, we use sweet potatoes. My kids LOVE them. I just wash and cut into slices sweet potatoes, toss them in a bowl with avocado or olive oil (I find avocado works a little better for this) pink salt and pepper, then bake on a rack in the oven for about 30 minutes on 400. So good!

So thats how we do burgers and fries! Its healthy and you feel satisfied!

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