Why did I start this blog?

I am not a nutritionist, life coach or anything like that, so I cannot speak from a “scientific” standpoint on our new lifestyle. I just wanted to start this blog to share our experience with transitioning into a vegetarian diet.

I feel like there is so much controversial information out there on what is healthy and how you are supposed to eat. So I have done a ton of research to find out a little more. After reading a bunch of articles and testimonies, and the beloved Netflix documentaries, I have learned a ton, and wanted to experiment with this vegetarian thing.

I am just speaking from my own experience, but since cutting out meat and dairy (fish too) I have lost 20lbs within 2 months. (I know for sure because I have weighed myself). My husband has lost weight too, you can tell from his clothes, but he hasn’t stepped on a scale. My 5 year old has the cutest little beer belly, and now it is much smaller.

That is what really made me be like, wow, there is something to this. I feel like it was my body’s way of saying “your finally feeding me right!” As a woman, my goal is always to lose weight, but that wasn’t the primary reason for making this change. I just wanted my family to be healthy and happy. I don’t want to be on 15 meds 30 years from now just to live. I feel like we bring a lot on ourselves when it comes to health issues because we are unknowingly putting things in our body that we aren’t supposed to.

God made food, it grows naturally, eat it. Basically sums it up for me. You just get creative with how to prepare it.

So in this blog I will share different recipes, ways to cook things, ideas and how we are feeling as we go through this transition.

Please comment, share and join me and my family in this journey!

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