Looks pretty good right?!

This is just one of the skillet sensations I have come up with. I have learned during this transition that you can pretty much replace meat with beans and/or mushrooms.

Good thing for me my husband loves mushrooms, and they are so good for you! It gives a meaty texture and flavor without the meat!

I LOVE tacos, and pretty much all Mexican food for that matter. So I didn’t want to miss out on tacos. I came up with a skillet mix that we can put in tortillas and quesadillas, add some salsa (and sour cream and cheese if you still want to do dairy) and bam, you have a delicious nutritious taco!


This particular skillet has all of the following sauteed in it:

Sweet potatoes


Pepper (Yellow or red is good)


Black beans


With avocado oil, pink salt, pepper and garlic

You can eat this plain, with avocado, or wrapped in a quesadilla. It was really good and super good for you!


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